Work without notice

Front door surprise at 100 Wellesley St. East

December 5 2023

Tenants at 100 Wellesley St. East were surprised today when trying to leave or enter the building. The surprise was due to lack of proper notice. Tenants try to enter or leave only find that they can't use the front door. There was no notice of this given to tenants in advance by CAPREIT, the landlord. CAPREIT uses an portal system to email tenants about work being done on the building that can interfere with them.

Let's hope that nobody with mobility issues needed to use the front door to get to a taxi or Uber that they had ordered to the front door expecting to be able to use it. 

All this happens on the day that there is a water shut down in the building. CAPREIT had no difficulty giving each tenant notice about that shut down. Or about the water shut down the previous week. Why is the door situation different?

front door at 100 Wellesley St. East Toronto

Front door at 100 Wellesley St East not available

paper on wall

Notice posted by paper. Where was the advance notice from CAPREIT's email/portal?

Instead of proper advance notice given to each tenant, we find a piece of paper in the lobby to tell tenants about the work. 

The back of the building is a hectic place today. It is not optimal to force tenants through the back on a day when contractors are using the back door, and other regular building activity still happens.

The back is very busy today. The Multitech vans are parked there to access the doors, the GFL truck is picking up garbage. And the cleaners are taking trash and recycling out.