security and video november 2023

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Security update November 2023

We recently met with CAPREIT managment. We discussed the changes in security arrangements.

Live Patrol will no longer be used by CAPREIT. The cameras that Live Patrol used will remain and will be monitored by the onsite security guards along with other cameras. Video from all cameras is recorded. CAPREIT tests every two weeks to check that the cameras are recording.

CAPREIT told us that the cameras are functioning and recording. This means that going forward you can expect to have video recorded. If you need to have video reviewed, ask as soon as possible. The cameras are motion activated and old video is eventually recorded over.

If a tenant needs police to review video, the police will have to fill out a form indicating a window of time they want to review. A warrant is not required. 

If any tenant has an issue with cameras not recording video they will have to pursue this matter with CAPREIT on their own. But since CAPREIT has said that the cameras are recording video, tenants can expect them to record.

If a matter does not require police involvement, CAPREIT staff will review the video and act accordingly. For example, if a tenant has a package go missing, it is unlikely that that tenant will need the police to review it if the package isn’t valuable. However, staff will review the video and if they can identify the tenant who took it they will take appropriate steps. This can start with a warning letter and can eventuate in eviction of a problem tenant.

Only police or CAPREIT staff will review any video. A tenant cannot review the video because of privacy concerns.

CAPREIT will review whether the new security setup is effective after 3 or 4 months. They will look at the shift reports that the security company writes to see the changes that result from the new system.

It is also important for you to email the office when the new security arrangements have failed you.

If you see trespassers on the property, be sure to email the office about it. We asked them to patrol the outside of the property Any information about the times and places you see trespassers on the property will help them set up outside patrols of the property.